FractoGene whole genome IP portfolio

A fractal geometrical generalization of the "gene" concept of the 100-year old "genetics":
The new Chapter of Dr. Pellionisz' contribution to the Algorithmic Approach to Neuro- and Genome Biology.

Protein sythesis is not achieved by a masterstroke of "gene" information.
It is an iterative process with recursive access to DNA information. First the gene information is used to generate fractal templates.
The process reverberates to self-similar and repetitious information contained in the fractal set including 98.7% "JunkDNA".
The full genome is not an issue of "Thesis vs. Antithesis" ("Genes versus Junk DNA") but a Synthesis in PostGenetics.

DNA is FractoGene (
Fractal DNA generating Fractal Organelles).
An experimentally supported scientific theory of junk dna (predictive and refutable):

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See animation and rotation of FractoGenesis of brain cell
See animation of iterative fractal growth governed by regulatory DNA

updated: 15 April, 2005