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The First 50 Years of the DNA is history.

Foundations of the next 50 Years of the DNA are feverishly laid out in every country, every institution, school, industry and newsmedia (see New Scientist March 15, 2003 left, that focuses on Nanotechnology).

James Watson (in yellow on the left, "father of biotechnology") faces John Gage (a Founder of a pillar of InfoTech, Sun Microsystems). Embraces the two, Steve Jurvetson (of Draper, Fisher & Jurvetson Venture Capital), who predicted at the dawn of this Century a fusion of BioTech, NanoTech, InfoTech.

Beyond the Axiom of the Double Helix and molecular biology, several other Axioms emerged. On the right B. Mandelbrot reminds us all that Nature's Geometry is grossly non-Euclidean (see overview). If Nano-Technology is to be Engineered, it will certainly be impossible to do it without mathematics. (InfoTech had to create its own mathematics, Boolean algebra, NuclearTech had to create quantum mechanics, self-replicating, protein-based NanoTech engineer-ing seems impossible with Euclidean geometrical elements of extruded rods, rolled flat sheets, cylinders, etc.). Richard Dawkins adapted this Axiom publicized, so forcefully by Mandelbrot (right, see Dawkins' "Biomorphs" from his "Blind Watchmaker"). But Dawkins went way beyond. completely reversing the Axiom of philosophy of life, in his "Selfish Gene" he stated: "We are survival machines - robot vehicles blindly programmed to preserve the selfish molecules known as genes".

There are still missing Axioms, and FractoGene provides with one. Genes may philosophically do the opposite we though they do - but so may the "junk" (non-gene), hitherto largely ignored. In Matt Ridley's sophisticated bestseller "Genome" (contrary to textbooks dismissing 98.7% of the human DNA as "Junk DNA") there is an ample treatment of "non-coding DNA" but its primary cause seems to be that from bacteria containing zero introns to Nature's highest (98.7%) is because evolution favors accumulation of parasite, opportunist "junk". An Axiomatic reversal may also be required here. FractoGene's Axiom, though does not exclude "parasitism" (especially by a sickening virus inserting itself to actually terminate evolution of the individual), FractoGene is a mathematical (fractal geometrical) design principle (amenable also to engineering, e.g. to govern repetitive construction of protein-based structures). With self-similar introns forming fractal sets it provides a new perspective for ontogenesis as well as evolution (see an emerging Purkinje neuron model, with each fractal generation refined by an added intron-sequence).
For a fusion of BioTech, NanoTech, InfoTech, one may not have to pull the right mathematics with meshing philosophy, and "patent first, publish later", but it may be practical to follow Thomas Alva Edison: "There are no rule here - we are trying to accomplish something"

B. Mandelbrot:
Geometry of Nature