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The First 50 Years of the DNA is history.
was triumphantly celebrated by the Time Magazine Summit in Monterey, 19-21, 2002.

The Next 50 Years of the DNA will be dramatically different.

The "Century of Biology" will bring an explosion of breakthroughs, fusions, and emergence of obvious and totally unexpected trends and applications.

BioTech, NanoTech, InfoTech will merge. Cure and drug discovery will continue but diagnosis and prevention will catapult and make health care less expensive as groups of diseases could be wiped out.

HelixoMetry is an Intellectual Capital Portfolio in Silicon Valley. FractoGene Patent Pending since 1st of August, 2002 contributes to the "Next 50 Years" by Fractogene as a mathematical Information Technology to interpret 98.7% of human DNA ("junk DNA"), provide a "Mathematical Natural Design Principle" (for NanoTech), will help add to continuing R&D of mapping of "full genome" of many species a new trend. "Cerebellogenesis" is a prototype of mapping the genomics, proteomics, physio- and pathogenesis of a major (CNS) organ (the cerebellar neural network), including a focus on Friedreich' Spinocerebellar Ataxia. Given that this deadly diseases is in the same group of "aggregated protein" (repetitive basepair triplet) diseases as Huntington, Alzheimer, Parkinson (etc), the breakthrough in Feb. 2002 in stopping Huntington's is greatly symbiotic with Cerebellogenesis.