"Utility of Fractal Genome Governing Fractal Growth"

US Patent 8,280,641

Utility of genomic fractals resulting in fractals of organisms

in force till late March, 2026 (the Next Decade)

Sole Inventor Andras J. Pellionisz; Priority Date Aug. 1, 2002

An Available Intellectual Property Portfolio for Industrialized Genomics,

the End of Genes/Junk Classic Dogma
(officially, Sept. 6, 2012),

Poised for WWII Against Cancer, and Global Consolidation of Sequencing Industry (March 18, 2013)
FractoGene interpretation permits mining "Fractal Defects" - Dovetails with Genome Editing (by others) to Correct Genome Errors

Parent Patent is Public* (Submitted 2002, Issued Oct. 2nd, 2012),
Further Filings and Trade Secrets of the IP Portfolio are Not Publicly Disclosed

*Pursuant to invoking US Law 35 U.S.C. 112, MPEP § 2163.07(b) "Incorporation by Reference"

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Those who progressed to the principle of recursive genome function,
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