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FractoGene, the Mathematical Language that the Genome "Speaks" (2002)

Summary diagram of the concept of Patent Pending FractoGene utility

For an Animated Display of the differentiation from stem by repeated fractal set, please click & stand by for full loading, Each string of base-pairs defines a self-similar branching structure, in four generations, each specified by a "self-similar" basepair sequence.

The Concept of 2002 that Repeated Genetic Sequences are Fractal Sets Emerged from
A Fractal Model of Neuron (Pellionisz' 1989 paper)

[Direct quote from the book, published in 1989:

3.1.3. Neural Growth: Structural Manifestation of Repeated Access to Genetic Code
One of the most basic, but in all likelihood rather remote, implication of the emerging fractal neural modeling is that it corroborates a spatial "code-repetition" of the growth process with the repetitive access to genetic code. This conceptual link between the two meta-geometries of double helix and "fractal seed" may ultimately lead to precisely pinpointing those exact differences in the "genetic" code that lead to a differentiation to Purkinje-, pyramidal cell, Golgi-cell or other type of specific neurons. It must be emphasized, however, that establishing a rigorous relation of these "code sequences" to the genetic code that underlies the morphogenesis of differentiated neurons may be far in the future.]

An overview of a sustained effort through a third of a Century towards fractal roots of CNS morphogenesis

After about a dozen of years, fractogenesis (fractal morphogenesis) is today's fare.
Time has come to turn knowledge of healthy or erroneous fractal sets into drug discovery patents:
Fractogene (patent pending) by HelixoMetry.

DEFINITION: FractoGene, as coined by Pellionisz of Helixometry (first offered in March, 2002), is the "root language" of living Nature, that the Genetic Code speaks.
In a repetitious and self-similar manner, FractoGene spells out Nature's morphogenesis, how to grow self-similar trees, dendritic trees of neurons, the fractal structure of creatures genetically determined by a "seed". "Translation" of FractoGene was branded by HelixoMetry, the Silicon Valley headquartered Intellectual Capital Portfolio, based on award-winning Information Technology, Linguistics and Translation Memory techniques, within one year that the entire human Genetic Code became available.

SUPPORTING MATERIAL: Collections are provided from the web, to outline the plausibility, by

Strategies for forging the best partnership are elaborated in the "7 sisters for FractoGene"


Public domain main websites of HelixoMetry head, FractoGene inventor, who pioneered Nature's non-Euclidean "geo"metry since 1967

Public domain references and citations of this pioneering work (html only)

Public domain references and citations of this pioneering work (pdf, ps and doc format on the web)

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